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Guest post: Best Balms to Get Your Lips Winter-Ready

Winter is on the way, and now is the time to choose your top weapons for combatting chapped and dry lips. This is not just a beauty concern, because if you have dry and cracked lips, it can become a painful situation! Lip care is serious business, with many products reaching cult-like status, which is certainly the case with the Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, line of nourishing lip balms. The sphere-like packaging sets EOS apart in a fun and novel way, but it is what's inside that little pod that really gets people hooked.

These lip saviors come in the funnest of flavors, and are chock full of vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. All of the EOS lip balm products are bursting with antioxidants, are hypoallergenic, and have been dermatologist tested. Additionally, every EOS lip balm is free from parabens and petroleum.

These lovely, little gems are available at most drugstores and beauty shops, and can also be purchased on their website. The product line includes five replenishing types of lip balm, and is certain to contain one that suits your needs. Check out the SPF 30 coverage, all of the fresh, fruit flavors and the organic smooth sticks which come in a more traditional packaging style.

Go glam with the Shimmer Smooth Spheres, (which are temporarily sold-out on the website, but available at other retailers), and get the same great lip therapy, with the added bonus of shine and shimmer!

Once you've satisfied your EOS lip balm addiction, take a look at the hand/body lotion and shave cream product lines; they have the same fantastic ingredients and high quality level as the lip balm products. The EOS lip balm Facebook page is filled with fun pictures and has almost 7 million fans.
Evolution of Smooth lip balms are effective and fun, and will help keep your lips silky and soft all winter long.

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  7. Amiga estou precisando de umas dessas amei a resenha
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  8. great post! i love them <3

  9. I love to use coocnut oil as a lip balm :)
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  10. Amount of the product, I think it is the most amazing thing when it comes to EOS :)

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