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CC Hair extension

We usually think, how can we make our make up or looks more interesting. And what about... hair? Have you ever dreamed about long hair? Or may be romantic waves? Or other experiments? Now you can easily try to make a look you wanted with CC Hair Extensions. It's a lovely store you can find a lot of hair extensions in. Be creative!

Why should you give it a try? First of all CC Hair Extensions offer a variety of types and colors, so anyone can find a special item for himself. Secondly, all the extensions are made of 100% human hair, so they look natural and feel natural and cause no allergia. Thirdly, you'll be satisfied with a prices and easy ways to use them. Actually, there are a plenty of videos on the store's site, so you can find an explanations, how better put extensions on.

The most popular type with a lot of options (15 inch to 28 inch). You can use these hair extensions to add lenght or more volume to your own hair. Easy in putting on and taking off, they'll be a nice choice, if you want something new with your hair or just a small experiment. What I really do love about these extensions - they are very lightweighted (70g-160g), so you'll never feel discomfortable because of them.

Another popular option, which offers you a natural romantic look. CC Hair Extensions provide a nice choice of wavy and curly items along with straght hair. These types are popular for DIY, because they're easy to modify. You can find a proper extension between 12-28 inch and choose one of ten shades. A lot of black options, but also I saw some cutest blond and other colors.

It's a perfect choice for owners of short or thin hair. Micro loop extensions can be easily attached to your hair and they are unnoticeable, so nobody can say it's not the own hair) They look very delicate and really soft.

Overall I find hair extensions really interesting idea and it might be useful in many cases. For example, I know many girls, who used hair extensions for wedding - every girl wants to look just amazing on this special day and shiny long hair is one of the things making you feel more like a princess. Mine own hair is long, so I've never tried such items, but I'm sure they're interesting in use and must look really cool!

Have you ever tried hair extension? Or would you try them, if you have a possibility?

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  1. Thanks dear :D

    Wooow, so interesting and informative post! Thanks for sharing :D

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    1. Thank you, dear) I was very interested, when I've found out about this items XD

  2. Відповіді
    1. Well, I used a lot of wigs for performances, so I must say they're more comfortable, than I thought, so these items look much more natural, as for me)

  3. If I have more money I'd probably try it or if I'll be given a gift by sponsors that would be nice.

  4. wonderful blog, I love it!
    You can agree on follow for follow?
    I love to read interesting blogs :)
    Greetings from Poland!

  5. I heard something abouth this shop:) Looks very nice:)

  6. so glad to dicover these on so many blogs today. gonna be trying.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  7. The hair extensions are tempting for adding volume and shine but yet I don't think I'd try. The reason is because I'd know that in the end of the day my beautiful hair is just an illusion. If I'd be doing some roleplay etc. then why not? That would be awesome to try wigs and extensions but just for everyday life routine I don't think I'd feel good wearing these plus I'd have to use more time to get ready in the morning:D
    Hugs!:)) xxx

    1. I thik this is a perfect idea for special occasions)) I tried wigs for performances and I think they are comfortable, but I don't think I'd try them for daily life XD

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    1. Я теж не пробувала, але думаю це був би цікавий досвід)

  9. Відповіді
    1. Ага) Ці "продовжувачі волосся" було б цікаво спробувати!

  10. Great post!

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  11. Завжи дивилася на ці штуки із зацікавленням, але ніколи не пробувала носити. Треба, може, колись придбати, тому що я люблю експеріменти, а "рідне" волосся обтяжувати зайвий раз не хочеться.

    1. Я думаю це має бути цікавий варіант для власників короткого волосся!